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Freshened Website and Bright Green Flyers

The 2024 WPA Officers have brightened up our website with leaders' photos, names and email links and a button to see the latest By-Laws. We also updated a Membership Frequently Asked Questions page with a link to the bright green 2024 Membership Campaign flyer that will appear on your door soon.

Please consider joining Waterview Preservation Association this year. Together we have a stronger voice at city hall for pothole repairs and other needs specific to our special part of Richardson. City leadership looks at participation in neighborhood associations as an indicator of community action.

Dues help pay for events for adults and children as well as the printing of directories which will be delivered to members' doors in the second quarter of the year after we complete our membership drive. Soon you will have a pretty comprehensive list of neighbors and their contact information. This helps make our neighborhood safer, more cohesive, and feel like a community.

Please get involved by volunteering for one of the standing committees or social event committees. There is such a variety of things to work on. Pick something that interests you:

  • walking the neighborhood to tape WPA flyers to doors

  • baking cookies to welcome new neighbors

  • revitalizing our Neighborhood Watch patrol

  • resurrecting the Yard of the Month recognition program

  • serving margaritas, stuffing a pinata, or judging the queso contest at our April Spring Fiesta

  • coordinating a family fun morning at Heights Water Park to kick off summer, or

  • decorating the signposts, bridge, and entry features at Christmastime

Explore our updated website and give feedback! We are better together.

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