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"Missing Middle" Housing

Coleen Wright and I attended the City of Richardson's HOA Leadership Meeting last night at the Richardson Senior Center. This is an annual event for HOA Last Last night Coleen Wright and I attended the City of Richardson's HOA Leadership Development night which treats leaders with booths from all the city departments, a wonderful Pineda's meal and Sweet Firefly ice cream, networking with other HOAs, and a program from the city.

Leaders briefed us on the City's Comprehensive Plan which has been in development for over a year. The Comp Plan is voted on by City Council and determines the overall direction via policy for our city. There will be another set of meetings this summer to gather more resident input. We encourage you to go to one of these which will be held at Heights Rec Center.

The topic of discussion last night was focused on "Missing Middle" Housing options in Richardson. Missing Middle housing is something between single family homes and multi-family apartment complexes. It includes duplexes, four-plexes, 10-unit apartment / condo communities, bungalow communities (think tiny homes with a community gathering center), ADUs which are accessory dwelling units behind or adjacent to single family homes like mother-in-law cottages or student apartments above a garage, and townhomes like Brick Row.

Our table discussion agreed on two possibilities for the WPA and Arapaho Heights neighborhoods - Accessory Dwelling Units (like guests cottages in Highland Park) and redeveloping aging areas of Arapaho Heights into duplexes. Our age group also was attracted to bungalow communities for when we downsize and want to live in community with friends in small houses, but we didn't think this type of development fit in our neighborhood.


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